Reactors, unlike mixing tanks, are totally sealed from the atmosphere. Mixing tanks are designed to disperse two or more chemicals together. Reactors on the other hand, allow the chemicals inside to go through a reaction phase which ultimately produces material with new and different chemical properties.

Types of Reactors

Half-Pipe Jacketed (Limpet) Reactors.
Half-pipe jacketing provides very good heat transfer by allowing high flow rates. It is best suited for high temperatures and pressure applications utilizing hot oil or other high temperature media. Half-pipe is formed from a continuous coil and is "wrapped" around the vessel exterior in single or multiple zones to provide greater latitude for process capabilities. We use a 180 - degree half-pipe configuration that minimizes pressure and increases fluid velocity.


Dimple Jacketed Reactors

Dimple jacketing provides good heat transfer with low flow rates at lower pressures and temperatures. It is best used with steam for heating or chilled water for cooling. We roll from the dimpled jacket to the vessel radius and then "plug weld" the individual dimples to the vessel. This allows for a secure fit.

Conventional Jacketed Reactors

Also known as open jacket, conventional jacketing is a secondary external shell wrapped around the primary vessel to provide a space for heat transfer fluids. We add a spiral formed internal baffle to direct the heating media around the vessel form the inlet to the out. Conventional jacketing is best used on smaller diameter vessel.

Features of RAJ Reactors


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